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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required before my pet can come to Carson Valley Kennels?

What is your Vaccination Policy?*

- We require that all vaccinations are current, in our local office files, or provided 5 days before your next  daycare and/or boarding appointment.  If your vaccination records are not on file or are not current, please fax, or scan-and-email, a copy at least 5 days prior to your next visit.

How do I pay for Boarding?

- A Visa or MasterCard must be provided and/or retained on file in order to hold your pet’s

spot for boarding.  If not already on file in our office, you may provide your Credit Card information on the Reservation Form.

What can I bring with me for my pet to be more comfortable during their stay?

-  Vaccination records must be faxed or emailed ahead of time by at least 5 to 10 days.

-  Please label anything you bring along with your last name in indelible marker

for identification purposes.

-  We recommend that you bring your pets regular daily diet portioned out for each meal.  This will keep your pets on their daily routine.  Feel free to bring along any extra  treats or chews that they are used to.

-  Please bring your pet’s own bedding. This will make them feel more at home. Any toys or chews, that they are used to are welcome.

Do I need to make a reservation?

-  Reservations are highly recommended.  We are a busy facility and generally fill up quickly.  

We recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee a spot.

-  We suggest making reservations at least 2-3 months in advance for major holidays.

Why don’t your boarding rates cover a 24-hour period?

-  Boarding rates are charged the same way a hotel charges for their rooms.  You are charged for the day of drop-off regardless of the time and you will be charged for an additional day if you pick up after checkout time of 10am.

Do you offer discounts for extended stays?

-  Honestly, the longer your pet(s) stay away from their owner, the more needy a pet becomes and the more attention is required by our staff which we gladly provide. Therefore, we do not offer extended stay discounts.

-  For any pet staying longer than two weeks, one-half of the cost of the stay must be paid in advance.

Are you open on holidays?

-  We are closed to to the public on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Independence Day.  Arrivals and/or departures will not be scheduled on these days.

For Dogs:

DHP, Bordatella, Rabies, Parvo & Canine Influenza

For Cats:

Rabies & FRVCP

Pets must be current on all vaccinations*